Getting Hyper-V networking to work with ReactOS (How to)


Hyper-V, unlike its more popular VirtualBox or VMWare, does not have a terribly good support for non-mainstream OSes. Thus, it came as no surprise that guest ReactOS support is not very good either. Networking in particular does not work at all. After digging through the internet for solution I only found bits and pieces of information which eventually are enough to get networking to work. However there’s still no convenient how-to for those who just want the networking to work, as a result I decided to create one.


I would like to thank Pi_User5 for pointing out the correct Hyper-V legacy adapter driver that was needed. The post in question can be found here.

Required Driver Files

As per the linked post, the driver can be download from here. The files that you want are in\i386\WNT50.

I also repackaged the driver files into an ISO file which can be inserted into the VM. It can be downloaded from here.

Setting up networking

VM Setup

When setting up the Virtual Machine you’ll want to left the network configuration alone (If you already set up your virtual machine then no worries, just follow the next step).


Change network adapter to legacy network adapter

Video of the process

Select the network adapter and press the “remove” button


In the “Add Hardware” section, select “Legacy Network Adapter” and then press “Add”


Select the newly created Legacy Network Adapter and choose the Virtual switch that you want to use.


Install the driver

After installing ReactOS, a new hardware wizard should pop up, cancel until it ask to install driver for “Ethernet controller”. Even if it was not a fresh install of ReactOS, the wizard should still popped up.


Choose “Install driver from specific location” and in the next screen, navigate to the driver files (If you choose to mount the iso then there’s a very good chance that the location is in D:\).


When you press next, the driver should be successfully installed, restart the VM and enjoy internet connection.


At the end of the day its all about the driver, unfortunately the driver installer in ReactOS leave a lot to be desired. Anyway, I hope you found this guide helpful, thanks for reading.

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